Good Luck, Noelia (a.k.a. best intern ever)!

August 3, 2012

This summer we had the great fortune of having a college student join our team to help out in our public relations department. Although Noelia was only at Urias for a few weeks, her enthusiasm and passion for learning left a lasting impression with the team. Today was her last day and as a final project we asked Noelia to write a blog describing her experience with Urias. Here it is, in her own words:

After a long June and a great internship at Telemundo, I started my public relations internship at Urias Communications. I’m a junior at the University of Southern California (Fight on!), and though I have had my share of internships, none have been at a PR firm. If I weren’t a PR major that wouldn’t have been a problem but I was/am, so this was an issue I needed to fix.

My first day I came in prepared to set my work schedule and chat with Lisa, but after a paid-for lunch (poor college student’s dream) I actually started learning/working right then with Mary. Though I had been banking on some mental prep time before plunging in, it was awesome to get started. In the days following I helped pitch, edit, gathered information, and even wrote a press release that got sent out. I love the casual and friendly atmosphere at Urias and since my end goal is to own my own PR firm, this opportunity was perfection.

Though this internship was short, I’ve actually learned so much within these few past weeks about my future career. Now, I’m off to spend my nights partying (studying) at USC’s Leavey Club (library) with my fellow sleep deprived Trojans. But if I’m ever in AZ for a break, I definitely want to come back to Urias and intern again!

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