In Arizona alone, Hispanics represent a $43 billion market. And if you’re not reaching them through effective, strategic, integrated advertising and public relations campaigns, you’re simply missing opportunity.

Your market is not one undifferentiated mass. Nowhere is this diversity more dramatic than in the Southwest, where urban and rural communities include, in addition to the traditional Caucasion target market, rapidly growing Hispanic, Native American, African American, and Asian target markets. They have huge buying power. For example, nationally, the Hispanic segment alone spent $1.1 Trillion last year. And in Arizona, it’s running close to $43 billion annually. As the Latino population continues to grow an estimated 4 times faster than the general population1, their importance in the marketplace will grow apace.

So who is the Hispanic consumer? The term Hispanic applies to individuals of various races and nationalities, and of varying degrees of acculturation. A majority expresses pride in their Latino identity, but also feels “equally American.”2

About 50% of them are bilingual3, but their language preference in media consumption varies. Identifying this market’s needs, preferences, and habits requires a nuanced approach and a sophisticated understanding of their experience and values as both Latinos and Americans.

Nationally, the Hispanic segment spent $1.1 Trillion last year.

We know how to hit this fast-growing target, integrate your brand, develop loyalty and produce results.

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