Five Fun Facts About Marisol

  1. Avid world traveler. I like to write the names of different countries in papers, throw them in a bowl, shake it and pick one! My trips are a combination of places I MUST see, and days of just walking without a destination to see what I find! You find amazing places when you are not looking for anything in specific.
  2. Bookworm. I love reading every single day if I don’t read I don’t feel complete! I like all types of books (well… except horror.) I’m always buying books, so I never finish one without having another book on my hand. I buy recommendations from friends and from Bill Gates.
  3. Favorite animal: the monkey. Such a fun personality, crazy, intense, chaotic, charming and a very loving creature. I also love visiting monkey sanctuaries when traveling. 
  4. The thing I love the most about PR is how different it can be every day. One day we are at the office creating strategies for clients, and the next we are at a unique location recording with media and meeting amazing people.
  5. I love adrenaline. Anything that has to do with jumping from a plane, going on crazy rides, fast motorcycles, or anything that makes me feel on the edge.  


Marisol joined the team in 2013 as public relations professional and works principally with St. Joseph’s Barrow Neurological Institute, APS, Muhammed Ali Parkinson’s Center, and Desert Botanical Garden. Marisol regularly garners significant media coverage for Urias Communications’ clients throughout the region and helps clients develop ongoing media relations strategies. Marisol also represents the millennial cross-cultural market. She is fully bilingual and, as such, also helps position our clients with the growing Latinx market. As an extensive globe-trekker, Marisol engages with other millennials throughout Arizona and the region and understands strategic engagement both online and within events that resonate well with this next generation of consumers.

Previously, Marisol worked at ASU as a research assistant and had various marketing internships in the US and Mexico. She grew up in Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico and moved to the US in 2007 where she got her Business Communications degree from ASU. In 2016, Marisol was named a “Rising Star” by the national Cultural Marketing Counsel. Marisol offers expertise in public relations by harnessing her natural writing ability and professionalism to benefit her clients with an unparalleled PR experience.