New UC Newsletter: Bridges – Connecting You to Diverse Markets

As we look toward the next decade, our newsletter is designed to help our clients and colleagues navigate some of the marketing and communications complexities surrounding the fast-changing media landscapes – particularly within three key areas of our agency expertise:

Multicultural Campaigns: Did you know that 2020 marks the first time in U.S. history where the combined multicultural populations become the majority in most major U.S. markets? Latinx and other multicultural populations combined now comprise more than 50 percent of the population in key markets and should be a critical part of any organization’s growth strategy. 

Just think: The median age of multicultural markets is only 30 – significantly younger than non-Hispanic white populations. And this increasingly multicultural environment is changing fast. Our team of multicultural communications professionals will provide insight and direction to help guide your current business strategies, including cultural trends, growth plans, new mediums to consider, and insights into the dos and don’ts of your marketing and communications campaigns.

What can you do to avoid cultural appropriation? Do you develop Latinx campaigns with as much attention and professionalism as your general market campaigns? Even with multicultural markets fast becoming the majority, we still see other agencies and clients with just one or two people who are responsible for addressing the entire multicultural or Latinx marketing strategy. Clearly no one person can do it all. We’ll provide insights and tips to develop strategic and authentic campaigns. 

Brand Storytelling: Managing your brand reputation is more crucial than ever, and there are many important considerations. Ensuring your brand is well-positioned means that every level of your organization must embrace the narrative about who you are and what you represent. Authentic brands are positioned to develop targeted marketing and public relations campaigns that truly resonate with their intended audiences. Whether its broadcast, social media, or directly within communities, telling your story to enhance your brand takes a concerted and deliberate effort. We’ll provide you with tips, examples, and advice to keep your brand reputation strong. 

Crisis Communications: Don’t face tough challenges alone. It’s imperative to keep your brand properly positioned through times of crisis. And while attorneys can’t publicly represent their clients, we often work with them to provide important insight to ensure our clients don’t lose credibility, customers, or your valuable reputation. Then, the critical rebuilding of your brand, once a crisis is through, begins. This can be done in a variety of ways, including social media, direct event engagement, and strong positive positioning in the marketplace.

We hope you’ll enjoy our new format. There’s always a lot to learn and our agency is honing our practice to ensure our clients are well-positioned for growth and success.