We started the agency more than 14 years ago to help our clients connect to the burgeoning diverse markets, and help them build on their successes and grow. We bridge our clients to audiences with authentic, strategic, and dynamic public relations and marketing campaigns that create not just brand recognition, but brand embrace.

Our team’s connections combined with years of integrated strategic marketing and communications experience – result in creative, unorthodox approaches that resonate with your target markets and ensure a brand is not just recognized but assimilated into their everyday lives, so you get clear results. Our record of accomplishments has led to vibrant partnerships with local, regional, national and international firms, assisting them with advertising and communications in both the general and multicultural markets throughout the U.S. and in Mexico.

Meet the Team

Lisa Urias


Cassidy Rue

Account Manager/Social Media

Shirley Springer

Coordinator & Translation Services

Jason J. Coochwytewa

Senior Vice President/COO

Becky Antioco


Carlos Chávez


Ana Pereira

Vice President of Client Services

Jolie Hicks

Media Planner/Buyer

Heather Provenzano