Tips to help you navigate these trying times

Clarity around corporate communications is always important, but particularly in times of uncertainty. It is critical to let employees and customers know you are committed to working through this together and are not just concerned with your organization’s bottom line. Nothing is more damaging to your brand than opacity or confusion when people are searching for answers. Here are a few tips we highly recommend:

Tell the truth faster. Make informed decisions quickly and then immediately communicate with your employees and customers what you know and your plan of action, even if it’s evolving and uncertain. Address what you are doing to manage the safety and security of your team and the people you serve.

Keep it simple. People are bombarded with communiqués in their inboxes. Try to be clear and concise; people are looking for the essential information they need to make their lives simpler when complexity is the norm.

Provide updates as you learn. No one wants to be left in the dark – particularly during times of unease. Ensure your employees and customers that you’re staying abreast of all ongoing developments and that you are responding to what you know based on what you’ve learned.

Be responsive. Even if you don’t have all the answers, when employees and customers are looking for information, be available to them. Being empathic, understanding, and available makes a big difference during difficult times.

Inform media. When needed, send press releases to media about ongoing organizational developments, particularly if your organizational changes impact the broader community. Target those pressers to reporters you know will be looking for ongoing, updated information within their beats.

Encourage. Share encouraging, positive information when possible, particularly on social media. It’s important not to be flippant, but giving people permission to breathe, walk, enjoy their pets and their families is a great way to drive natural affinity for your brand. Ask them to share their favorite music playlist, show you the puzzles they’re working on, and encourage positive thoughts.

Take a break. Finally, everyone needs to take a break from the 24-hour news cycle and listen to some music, read, meditate, make a healthy meal, tackle a home project or get reacquainted with an old hobby. Right now, with so few people driving cars or flying planes, our air quality is wonderful. It’s a great time to experience the beauty of the natural world. Take a hike and look around you. There’s nothing like spending time in nature to keep us centered. 

These challenging times present opportunities as well. Let’s find a way to stay calm and connected despite our current social distance. And if you need any communications support, please feel free to connect with us. Here are a few key members of our team ready to help.

Wishing everyone the very best,
The Urias Communications Team