How You Respond During Times of Crisis Matters

With every crisis there is opportunity: yet who would have thought that a global pandemic as serious and devastating as COVID-19, could create such extensive organizational engagement and positive communication among so many. During this time, we’ve seen organizations responding with compassion and competence to the increasing needs of their communities and, at the same time, resulting in positive lifts to their brand reputations.

Nationally, Ford retooled to manufacture respirators, ventilators, and protective shields for our hospital workers. And while advertising spends are down, more than 95 percent of television advertising is now going to promote messages that support today’s difficult challenges.

Throughout Arizona, corporations have donated millions to foundations to support those in need, and non-profit organizations like Ballet Arizona and the Desert Botanical Garden are providing wonderful cultural learning opportunities to both adults and students free of charge online.

As a multicultural agency, we’ve struggled to hear the latest news of the death of George Floyd. Urias Communications was founded on the principles of diversity and representation, to embrace and give a voice to minority communities. We stand united with our black brothers and sisters in their movement to end discrimination, racism, and violence.

At a time when tensions run high, we have found great solace in supporting important efforts of our clients who clearly care about the greater good of our state and nation. Our articles during the month of June, focus on projects we’ve had the pleasure of working on.