Our Recommendations on How to Respond to Black Lives Matter

As a member of several business organizations and boards, Lisa has been asked by a number of corporate executives and CEOs about how best to respond to the Black Lives Matter movement. Beyond your own learning through materials like the 1619 Project, the movie 13th, or (re)watching Selma, we have developed a list of recommendations. In addition, you can find a link to her latest column on the matter here.

1.     Accelerate diverse hiring, promotions, and appointments within your corporations and boards. This means a serious assessment of where your company lies beyond looking at a macro level.

2.     Increase your spend with minority-owned businesses. This has demonstrated to accelerate small business growth and minority hiring.

3.     Provide more diversity and unconscious bias training internally. We have great professional referrals if you need it!

4.     Support state and local government increases in funding for education, healthcare, and affordable housing – specifically within communities of color.

5.     Support organizations that are advancing change and improving their communities. Again, we can refer you to some great lists or you can donate to organizations like the Arizona Community Foundation. They are doing tremendous work in this space.

6.     Work with your elected officials to support meaningful change with law enforcement policy (especially mayors).

7.     Continue to monitor your progress and hold your team accountable to your goals.